Studio Values & Guidelines

At Soft Studio, all people and all bodies are to be not only welcomed, but made to feel as accepted and accommodated as possible.

Many people face barriers to enjoying movement and connecting with their body. Concepts around exercise and wellbeing are often personal and complex. By being mindful of this, without needing to know everyone’s story, you can help us create a supportive studio environment that allows a diversity of people to thrive together.

Soft Studio promotes a radical, enjoyment-based approach to movement and exercise. Everybody should feel safe to move in their own way, for their own reasons, on their own terms, without being judged.

We ask you to respect the way people self-identify, as well as their personal belief systems and ways of living. Try to avoid making assumptions about people’s gender, background, ability, or health based on the way they look. Please don’t comment on people’s appearance, body shape, gender expression, skin colour, ethnicity, or similar. 

Soft Studio rejects mainstream fitness culture which idealises particular bodies, goals, and ways of moving. Don’t assume that people are seeking self-improvement and refrain from sharing advice about health or diets with others. Help us resist the norm of promoting aspirations around wellness, health, and self-improvement. Instead, we want to cultivate an environment where people can learn to love movement, enjoy embodiment, and just have a good time together. One person may find empowerment in becoming stronger, the next in learning to tune into their bodily sensations.

All goals and journeys are to be valued and supported equally at Soft Studio. All reasons for coming to class, and approaches to the practices we offer, are equally valid.

Location & Opening Hours

We are hosted by Green Monday, a community-focused hire space for movement & art practices. 

You’ll find us right in the heart of Carlton, just off Lygon St. Enter through the red door at 73 Grattan St, located just behind Watt’s Shoe Store. 

Doors open 15 minutes before classes start and close 15 minutes after. We are only present at Green Monday when Soft Studio classes are running. We are not on-site at other times.

Classes run 7 days a week. You can view our timetable here.

Green Monday is a shared space with four studio rooms. The bathrooms, kitchen sink, and building entryway are shared with one other business. This means that sometimes other classes and people will be hosted in the building when our classes are running.

How to Book

We use a booking platform called Momence. Sign up on our website via the bookings page.

Once you've got an account and purchased a class pack or membership pass, you'll be able to download the Momence app to make future bookings. If you’d like assistance, get in touch via our contact page.

Coming to Class

Doors open 15 minutes before class starts. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes early so you can settle in. 

You’ll be able to have a cup of tea, chat to your teacher, and connect with other community members.

As Green Monday is a shared space, please keep voices quiet in the reception area and changeroom. 

Mats, props, and water are provided. You don’t need to bring anything but yourself (and any personal items you require) to class. Wear any clothing that is comfortable for you to move in. 

Belongings can be stored in the change room during class. There are cubbies for bags and hooks for hanging clothes.  

Amenities are available for 15 minutes after class finishes.

Your First Visit

Try to arrive 10 minutes before class starts so we can show you around.

Our friendly teachers will get you set up with everything you need for class, answer any questions you have, and introduce you to some other community members.

Class Cancellations & No Shows

Class Packs & Intro Pass:
In the instance of a no show or late cancellation (within 6 hours of class time) your credit will be forfeited. If you’re ill or emergency circumstances arise, please reach out and we’ll happily return the credit. 

1, 2 & 3 Class Members:
Each month you will receive two free late cancellations (within 6 hours of class) OR no-shows meaning that the first two times within a month either of these circumstances occurs, you will not be charged. When this occurs, simply message the studio phone for your class credit to be restored. In the instance of further no shows or late cancellations, your credit will be forfeited. If you’re ill or emergency circumstances arise, please reach out and we’ll happily return the credit. 

Unlimited Members:
Each month you will receive four free late cancellations (within 6 hours of class) OR no-shows meaning that the first two times within a month either of these circumstances occurs, you will not be charged. In the instance of further no shows or late cancellations you will be charged a $5 fee. If you’re ill or emergency circumstances arise, please reach out and we’ll happily cancel your booking for free.

Suspending & Cancelling Memberships

Memberships can be suspended for up to 3 months of the year. Simply email us with 7 days notice, or reach out if special circumstances arise.

Memberships have a minimum term of 8 weeks and can be cancelled with 4 weeks notice via email. 


  • Mats, props, cushions and everything you need for class 
  • Filtered water and seasonally blended Soft Studio tea
  • All-gender bathrooms, sanitary items are available
  • All-gender change room that has a private cubicle, as well as shared space to change within
  • Wet wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo and moisturiser, all suitable for sensitive skin and with mild scents. Tampons are also available
  • Hair ties and pins, in a selection that caters to various hair types and styles. This is inclusive of people with thick, thin, curly, braided, or dreadlocked hair


We’ve got everything you’ll need for class, just bring yourself!

Exercise Props: Pilates balls, blocks, hand weights, resistance bands, loop bands, and sliders.

Restorative Props: Massage balls, as well as yoga straps, bands, cushions, and blankets.

Supportive Props: Small cushions, blankets, and yoga bolsters are available for extra support under your knees, hips, feet, or other areas.

Mats: Our luxurious mats are double sided, meaning you have the choice of two different textured surfaces. There’s enough for you to take two and double them up for extra softness if desired.

Intimate Class Sizes

Our classes are capped at 10-12 students. Although more people can fit easily into the space, it’s important to us that each student feels seen and supported by our teachers. 

We will always remain an intimate community, where you can learn everyone’s name and expect the teachers to make class meaningful for you. 

No Phones During Class

Our classes are designed to help you slip into your body and out of your day. Phone’s can detract from this, so we ask you not to use your phone in the studio rooms unless necessary for accessibility reasons or special circumstances. 

There is to be no filming, photography, or recording of any kind during class; this is to respect the privacy and comfort of everyone in the room. We love for you to be able to take photos and videos before/after class though, please just ensure no one else is featured unless you have their permission. If you’d like us to take a snap for you, just ask! Phones may be used freely in reception and other areas.

Lost Property

There is a lost property basket located in the changerooms. Valuable items will be stored safely elsewhere. If you think you’ve left something behind, feel free to send us an email or text message. You may collect your items before/after class, or you can contact us to arrange an alternative time.

COVID Policy

Do not attend class or studio events within 7 days of testing positive for COVID. 


Physical Building Access:
We are hosted by Green Monday Studios, which has no wheelchair access. The building has a landing and two stories. There is no lift, all areas are accessed via stairs which have a railing to hold onto. Bathrooms do not have accessibility features and there are no showers.

Sensory Environment: 
Palo santo wood and essential oils are burned in the building, however the smell is not strong. Reception and studio spaces can be lit softly by warm-toned lamps, rather than the overhead fluorescents. The reception area and stairs are quiet, we ask people to speak respectfully with soft voices. Music is played at a medium volume during class, within the movement studios. If you have sensory sensitivities, please get in touch and we will endeavour to accommodate you as best we can. Soft Studio is an autistic-run business. 

Quiet Space, Stim Objects, & Solo Activities:
Stim objects are available in the props room. There is a library of books and solo activities in the change room if you’d like something to occupy yourself with around class times. During class, the props room is available as a quiet space. There are bolsters and a blanket to keep you comfortable, stim objects for regulating and a door for privacy.

Gender-Based Access:

All facilities, spaces, and classes are all-gender. Our staff includes genderqueer, trans, and cisgender teachers. Soft Studio is a genderqueer-run business.

Communication Access:
Classes are taught through a combination of verbal cues, physical demonstrations, and hands-on adjustments. Basic English is required to follow the class, but you don’t need to be fluent. Writing materials are available for non-verbal communication and soon studio specific communication cards and a communication board will be available. Currently, none of our teachers are fluent in Auslan, though Amanda has basic proficiency and is currently undertaking further training.  We do not have the means to provide interpretation, though if you are able to bring someone along yourself, they can attend class free of charge and either participate alongside you or act solely as your interpreter as preferred. 

Access During Class:
We have cushions and props to help you stay comfortable and supported during class. We have a variety of massage balls, resistance bands and straps which may be of assistance if you’d like to do extra warm-up or cool down exercises. During class you can participate as much or as little as you’d like. It is encouraged to take breaks throughout class whenever you’d like to or need to. For example, to rest, stretch, stim, drink water, apply heat cream, go to the bathroom, use the quiet space, massage an ache or take care of yourself in any other way. If you’d like some support, just wave your teacher over. Soft Studio works to cultivate a culture of students participating in their own ways, on their own terms. You are free to come as you are and participate as you would like. This means our teachers won’t hover over you as you engage with self-care and will respect your autonomy. Though we will (of course) check-in with you from time to time and see if you’d like support. We teach exercises with layers of intensity, and offer different options throughout class. Although we have a soft, inclusive approach, our classes are exercise and movement classes. To attend you must be medically cleared to attend general group classes, otherwise we offer 1:1 sessions. 

Flexible Policies:
If you require a more flexible cancellation or membership policy, please get in touch. We’re happy to work out something that allows you better access to our membership and class pack options. This may be because you have a disability, live far away, do shift work, have care responsibilities, or other reasons. 

Studio Tour & Pre-Class Visits:
We’d love to show you around and get to know you over a cup of tea! Please get in contact to organise a studio visit. There will be no obligation to join up and no pushy sales pitches; just a chance to get a sense of who we are and what coming to Soft Studio will be like. 

Questions & Requests:
We’d love to hear from you, please reach out! Visit our contact page here. 

Soft Studio is a disabled and queer run business. We view access and inclusion as ongoing practices within our studio, and endeavour to be constantly listening, learning and growing to reflexively offer the safest, most accessible space we can. We are committed to constantly growing and improving our practices, and would love to hear any feedback you have. You can provide anonymous feedback via our contact page, or get in touch directly if you’d like to have a conversation.

Code of Conduct

At Soft Studio, we work to cultivate a safe(r), inclusive environment where everyone who engages with us can be made to feel accepted and supported. These community guidelines are in place to help us achieve this. Soft Studio staff, teachers, students, and carers/companions are all responsible for upholding this code of conduct and collectively forming a culture of respect within our community.

We ask that you: 
  • Endeavour to use inclusive language
  • Respect people’s autonomy and boundaries
  • Do not make assumptions about anyone’s gender/background/identity/ability based on their appearance or other external factors
  • Respect the way people self-identify; refer to people with the names, pronouns, and language they ask you to
  • Understand that people of a different identity/background to you may experience barriers you’re unaware of or don’t encounter
  • Let people come as they are. Don’t comment on people’s appearance, clothing, weight, way of moving, and so forth. 
  • Let people move for their own reasons. Don’t speak about diets, weight loss, or self-improvement regimes. 
  • Be willing to apologise and reflect if you have offended someone accidentally
  • Be willing to reflexively learn about inclusion and bring this knowledge into your interactions at Soft Studio classes/events

We are a safe(r) space for people of all identities, backgrounds, abilities, ages, genders, body shapes, skin colours, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, religions, spiritual beliefs, neurotypes, and beyond. If you engage in behaviour that jeopardises this, you can be asked to leave the premises immediately. We will not accept any forms of bigotry, discrimination, oppressive behaviours, or the use of slurs. Please report any incidents of this to your teacher or via our contact page.

If an incident occurs, we are committed to responding with care, and willingness to adapt. We believe people deserve a chance to grow from their faux pas or mistakes. However, if a community member, including teachers and other associated persons, refuses to engage in a process of reflection, learning, and repair, their association with Soft Studio will be terminated.

Pronoun & Gender-Based Etiquette

Soft Studio is committed to cultivating a safe environment for people of all genders, including both our students and teachers. Help us achieve this by understanding that gender is a spectrum, not a binary, and that you can’t reliably guess someone’s gender based on their appearance. 

We know that spaces for movement practice and exercise can be difficult spaces for people due to gender-based concerns. This can be particularly true for trans, gender diverse, and femme people. To help us put everyone at ease, we ask that you:

We ask that you: 
- Endeavour to use inclusive language and people’s correct pronouns. 

- Avoid using gendered language to refer to people i.e. goodbye ladies; you go girl; nice one bro; hey babe.

- Don’t assume people’s pronouns. If you’re unsure, and it’s relevant information to you, politely ask “what pronouns do you use?”.

- If you get someone’s pronouns wrong, correct yourself briefly and then move on. For example “she said that… sorry, they said that”. Don’t make a big deal of it or over apologise.

- Some people use a combination of pronouns, or change their pronouns frequently. If this is new for you, use Caitlin to practise on as she's happy for you to refer to them (see what we did there!) with they/them pronouns, she/her pronouns, or a combination of both.

If you’d like further info, visit this useful guide from Pride in Health: 

Health at Any Size Principles

We are a member of The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) who are founded on the belief that “one of, if not the, most important ways to improve health is by eliminating oppression”. We employ their Health at Any Size and Anti-Discrimination Principles including:

Weight Inclusivity:
“Accept and respect the inherent diversity of body shapes and sizes and reject the idealising or pathologising of specific weights.”

Life-Enhancing Movement:
“Support physical activities that allow people of all sizes, abilities, and interests to engage in enjoyable movement, to the degree that they choose.”

Respectful Care:
“Acknowledge our biases, and work to end weight discrimination, weight stigma, and weight bias. Provide information and services from an understanding that socio-economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other identities impact weight stigma, and support environments that address these inequities.”

Quotes are taken from their website, where you can read more here.

No Diet Talk

We don’t care what you eat, but we hope it’s yummy!

Food is personal and sometimes complex. We want Soft Studio to be a space away from diet cultures, food shaming, and fatphobia. We’ll never share ‘health’ recipes, pretend we live off green smoothies, or promote anything diet related. 

We stand for delicious food and against toxic fitness cultures that contribute to unhealthy relationships with eating. 

Help us create a radically different form of studio environment by refraining from sharing unsolicited health, diet, or food advice to others. At Soft Studio, don’t talk about weight loss regimes, earning your food, working off your food, or anything similarly related. Let’s support each other to move in order to feel good, learn about our bodies, and have fun. 

Feel free to talk about: that yummy restaurant you went to last night, the new cafe down the street you want to try, your favourite delicious recipe, what you’re dreaming of for dinner, and so forth. 

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